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Thon Maker still talking to Indiana, but won't enroll until 'at least' December

One of the most talented and enigmatic players remaining in the 2015 class is still communicating quite a bit with Indiana.

ESPN Recruiting Insider Jeff Borzello has a fresh gulp of water for those thirsting for news regarding the 2015 5-star forward Thon Maker:

Lots to unpack in this tweet.

Well really just two things:

THE (KINDA) GOOD: looks to be shaping up into a two-horse race between Arizona State and Indiana. Unfortunately, there is a clear connection to ASU with Brian Merritt joining Hurley's staff as an assistant. Merritt has been described as a "good friend" by Thon Maker's guardian, and had previously worked with Maker's private coach John Lucas.

THE BAD: It seems enrolling in December, which was previously mentioned as a consideration by Maker's camp, is now the reality. In fact, Thon Maker could appear even later than that, with the term "at least" leaving a vast array of possibilities on the table. If that is indeed the case, you have to wonder if Tom Crean and Indiana are really all that interested in a guy that could very well become a "half-year and done" player. That said: it's talents like Thon Maker that can make coaches reconsider what they will and won't put up with.

We'll keep you posted on what is, undoubtedly, one of the stranger recruitments in recent history.