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A closer look at Indiana's remaining 2015 recruiting targets

Next year's roster picture has begun to crystallize, but some (major) potential additions could be in the fold over the coming weeks.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

In what has become an annual tradition, the roster for the Hoosiers has had turnover that was both fast and furious, and is just now approaching final form. With Stan Robinson and Max Hoetzel already having gone their separate ways, the Hoosiers are still over-signed by one after the Thomas Bryant commitment. And they may not be done in the 2015 recruiting class, either.

Because I'm not emotionally ready to acknowledge the idea that Yogi may actually leave, let's collectively build up our cognitive dissonance and see what pieces can be added to an already stacked roster for next year. Here's a more in-depth look at some of the names floating around IU's radar in regards to the 2015-2016 season.

Thon Maker - The 7'0 center has long been atop the wish lists of most every big name program in the country. After a lot of speculation that he may skip college and play overseas for a year, Maker put the rumors to bed by announcing yesterday that he will remain stateside next year.

Maker is a relative newcomer to the game of basketball after focusing on soccer as a kid growing up in Australia. He has quickly made up for lost time, though. In short, he can do it all. He has guard skills in a body that has the size of an NBA center. He can score in a variety of ways, has no business being able to move as fluidly as he does for someone 7 feet tall, and has a flare for jaw-dropping plays. Don't take my word for it, though. Just sit back, relax and watch his mixtape below. Start saving your spare change, you guys, because we're gonna need to #PAYTHONMAKER somehow.

What scouts are saying:

Maker is an extra long post player that is very athletic, mobile, and skilled for his size and age. He runs the floor with long strides and catches and finishes on the move extremely well. Makers hunts blocked shots and what he doesn't block he changes. He finishes above the rim when he receives drop off passes, scores over his left shoulder with high elevating turn shots, and has the ability to face up and knock down the open three when his feet are set with needed time and space. Maker can also make passes with either hand under ball pressure. He rebounds at rim level and plays with great energy and urgency on both ends.

Maker will have to add strength, make better passing decisions when doubled and work to make his shooting and free throws more consistent, all of which he is very capable. Maker has that super long and lean Kevin Garnett body type and has off the chart upside. With continued development and hard work, he is an immediate impact player on the college level and potential NBA lottery pick. (Source)

Mychal Mulder - The 6'4" SG out of Vincennes University, which is also home to former Hoosier all-time great Devin Dumes (Never forget the Iowa game), has been garnering interest from big name programs, including the likes of Louisville, Minnesota, and Wichita State. Mulder averaged nearly 16 points and 6 rebounds a game while shooting 47% from 3 land, all while leading his team to a 33-2 record. He was recently named as a first-team JUCO All-American.

What scouts are saying:

"He's the true shooting guard, 6-4, 6-5, pure perimeter wing," (Recruiting Analyst Brad Winton) said. "He's a good shooter. He shoots it at a high level."

Winton said it's unnecessary for Mulder to put up huge numbers for Vincennes, which has a loaded roster with multiple offensive threats, but Winton said if he played on a lesser JUCO team, he could average over 20 points.

Winton believes he could be an effective role player at a high-major college if he could gain some muscle to handle the step-up in physical play.

"He's a good athlete, gets to the rim pretty well, has a great understanding of the game," he said. "He would transition pretty well from that standpoint, just being able to pick things up" in advanced Division I systems. (Source)

Note: This highlight video of him is not well done and shows a lot of meaningless plays, but since recent clips of him are sparse, this will have to do. Deal with it.

As we saw last year with the extremely late signings of Emmitt Holt, Jeremiah April, and Tim Priller, Tom Crean has never been shy about taking chances on a player, so it would not be a shock to see him continually pursue not only these two, but any player he feels can help the team next year. If Maker wants to play at IU, a spot will be made for him.

And while yes, that would mean further transfers, the rhetoric of transfers having a damaging effect on a program simply doesn't hold much merit in today's college basketball landscape. Players are moving more freely between programs than ever before. Hell, even Duke had two transfers DURING this year's championship season. These things are the norm now, and Indiana is not an outlier. If Thon Maker wants a spot on Indiana's roster, he will have one.