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DJ Byrd goes all in for the Final Four

Former Purdue long-distance marksman DJ Byrd spent his Final Four with adult-film-star-turned-fantasy-sports-mogul Lisa Ann.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

As Indiana fans, I'm sure we often wonder what our rivals from years past have been up to since they last suited up for a college basketball game. Robbie Hummel is in the NBA, Brian Cardinal never actually became a real janitor, and Kelsey Barlow is probably claiming a waiter at Olive Garden "choked" when he brought out the wrong soup.

DJ Byrd, however, apparently attended some sort of life skills program taught by Rob Gronkowski.

As you may or not know / be willing to admit you know, Lisa Ann is a former adult film star who you may remember making headlines for her goings-on with Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent and inspiring some amazingly hot takes. This isn't called the Golden Age of Takes for nothing.

The two took in a Pacers game and the National Championship together, which is well within their rights as human beings but has, no doubt, ignited some questions from the hopelessly curious. We here at TCQ commend DJ Byrd for his efforts, as Lisa Ann's new profession of doling out fantasy sports advice for SiriusXM probably netted her some great seats for a tremendous college basketball game.

What's DJ have to say about the whole thing?


TCQ could not yet confirm whether or not DJ Byrd was pricing a party bus or booking his appearance on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'