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CrimsonQuarry is growing faster than we can keep up. We need your help.

Over the last few months, this little 'ol Indiana site has more than tripled in size. We've set our aim high, and now we need your help to get there.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This post should start off with a thank you to our readers, our twitter followers, our fans. Over the last six months, CrimsonQuarry has exploded with growth. We're setting new traffic records every month, our community is adding new members every day, and it's our hope that we're providing more unique content about Indiana athletics with a voice and an irreverence that you won't find anywhere else. Since we're growing, we assume that y'all like (sometimes), what we do here. For that, I don't know if I should thank you or apologize. I'll err on the side of expressing my gratitude. Our editorial staff (Kyle Swick, Ben Raphel, and myself) dumps every available second of our boring, pedestrian lives into this place, and thank you for not making that completely futile.

Still, we're greedy SOB's and we want to do more -- but there's only so much we have time to do. I've added to my duties with SBNation & Vox beyond this site while attempting to still graduate law school, and Kyle and Ben have full-time, real-people jobs that pay them much better than this does. We need help. We brought on another dang JD Candidate in Alex Robbins to cover baseball, and I don't think you'll find another better college baseball writer anywhere on the SBN network. We brought on David Siegel, who's grown from our basketball recruiting writer to one of the go-to-guys on our staff we when need something funny or edgy or whatever the hell you might call our BRAND of writing. Soon, we'll debut our latest round of staff additions -- a pair of names & hilarious, talented writers you'll recognize from twitter, other SB Nation sites, and wherever else folks that write for Crimson Quarry come from.

Here's where you come in. We take talented writers and put them in roles where they'll succeed. CQ is a meritocracy. If you're good, you'll get more assignments. We'll carve out a column for you, possibly. GOOD COACHES GET GOOD TALENT ON THE FIELD. But right now, we have a need for beat writers - specifically those with boots on the ground in Bloomington. We want to cover all Indiana sports, and do it better than anyone else. So we're looking at you IDSers, SportCommers, WIUXers, alumni of those programs, etc. Granted, if you're interested, please still apply. We need analytics, breaking news, & social shortform writers, too.

So, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, here's what we need.

E-mail the following things to

1) A resume, if you have it. I do not care if you were in National Honor Society in high school or of your greek affiliation in college. Tell me who you've written for & what beats you've covered. If you haven't written for anyone and you still think you can do this, fine. Tell me that.

2) Published writing samples. Send me links to your work on the web. Two or three max, y'all. But I know those might not always be similar to what we're doing here at CQ so...

3) Tell me if you have experience covering a beat. Have you covered X sport for X outlet? Let me know. You'll jump to the top of the line.

4) Are you *in* Bloomington? This is big, too.

5) Send me the best sports vine on the internet. Simple enough, too, yeah?

6) Finally, tell me why you're a fit for CQ. Be original. Be funny. Do something to get my attention. If it reads like a dang mission statement, it's going in the trash.