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MR. HOOSIER 2015: Vote now on the Hoeppner Region

Who will survive the first round of our wild-card region?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we know we haven't done one of these for a while.

But today we return with the first-round voting for our final region, the Terry Hoeppner Region. As we explained earlier, this is the "catch-all region of IU personalities and things" named after the late, great former IU football coach.

Here are your first-round matchups, along with an explanation of each:

(1) Fred Glass vs. (16) Fan's Choice: Marni Mooney

The fireworks-loving AD takes on our reader's choice option, the perfect APR score-loving academic advisor for IU Athletics.

(8) Chris Korman vs. (9) Dustin Dopirak

Two former H-T sportswriters face off in this 8-9 matchup. Sorry, Mike Miller, but maybe we'll put you on the 2025 version of MR. HOOSIER.

(5) @ChronicHoosier vs. (12) CREANFACE

The venerable IU twitter account and friend of the site @ChronicHoosier is sure to weigh in during a big game or whenever BBQ is served in B-Town. His opponent has a way of showing up during every IU basketball game, especially when things aren't going well.

(4) Kevin Wilson vs. (13) Bill Lynch

Two IU football coaches compete for the right to move on. Fun but depressing fact: Wilson and Lynch have identical 6-26 records in the B1G after 4 years at the school for both.

(6) Ken Nunn vs. (11) Dan Dakich

One guy loves IU hoops. The other guy loves (to opine about) IU hoops.

(3) Tom Crean vs. (14) Mike Davis


(7) IU Credit Union vs. (10) Barbasol

"We started a credit union... And got a close shave in the process!"

(2) Bill Cook vs. (15) Brad Stevens Rumors

Bill Cook has his name on IU's state-of-the-art practice facility. Meanwhile, the other IS TOTALLY GONNA HAPPEN YOU GUYS I HEAR HE TOTALLY WANTS OUT OF BOSTON.

Alright everyone, you know the drill - vote early and as often as you'd like right here: