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Fake Thon Maker Facebook account posts photo alleging Thon Maker has cut his list to Indiana & Kentucky, tricks overzealous blogs that really like Thon Maker

The 7-foot phenom posted a cryptic photo to (a Facebook account that he says is fake) today.


From Thon Maker's Facebook, a couple of hours ago:

Which way? :)

Posted by Thon Maker on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Do we need to say more? So much for Arizona State being the new player in his recruitment.

We've reached out to his guardian, Ed Smith, for comment. Meanwhile, Jerry Meyer ain't on BOOKFACE:

Just another day in the world's weirdest recruitment, nbd.

UPDATE (6:10 PM) - Maker says this Facebook account isn't him. We won't back down from reporting this to y'all in the first place, because it had been long assumed that this *was* his Facebook account. Because what kind of terrible human being fakes a high school kid's Facebook page?

So the answer to the question of whether he's narrowed it down to two is, most likely, no.

This has been another episode as AS THE THON TURNS.