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Let's overanalyze this photo of John Lucas at an Indiana basketball practice!

John Lucas is in Bloomington! Yogi Ferrell isn't! What does it mean?

John Lucas was in Bloomington today. As was...Dan Coats? They were around for a Tom Crean workout with a handful of his players. They took this photo.

It was nice to see Senator Dan Coats, State Director Danny Lopez, and Coach John Lucas stop by today! #IUBB

A photo posted by Indiana Men's Basketball (@indianambb) on

What does this photo mean? PROBABLY NOTHING. But let's break it down theory-by-theory, you know, for fun.

1. John Lucas is a serious candidate to replace Steve McClain on Tom Crean's bench.

If you need a coach to run a private workout, you call the famed former NBA scout and coach John Lucas. Top players have been working with the Texas-based coach for years, and he'd be a massive draw for any college prospect if he were to take a job in the college game. But couldn't he possibly score a head coaching job at a smaller school if he was really interested? And wouldn't it be tough for Tom Crean to pass over good friend Bennie Seltzer for the spot on the bench, a man who's already back with the program? There's been no information or reports to suggest that John Lucas taking a seat on Crean's bench would be anything more than optimistic speculation, but you can be sure that he, Crean, and Chuck Martin would make for -- arguably -- the country's best recruiting trio.

2. Thon Maker is coming to Indiana.

You see, Thon Maker is on the record saying that John Lucas should be considered for college jobs.

If Lucas comes to Bloomington, I'd bet the house that Maker will follow, under almost any circumstance.'s Evan Daniels has concurred with this opinion, too. But even if Lucas isn't even a serious candidates -- having Lucas in Bloomington will certainly be impressive for Maker.

3. Yogi Ferrell is not coming back to Indiana.

He's not in the photo. Most of Indiana's other rotation players are. Maybe he's at Ruth's Chris for a nice working lunch? I don't know what this means. If you're forcing me to make a guess right now, I don't expect Yogi Ferrell to return next season -- and that's on nothing more than a feeling based on the way the situation has played out so far.

4. Tom Crean is running for US Senate.

Ok, maybe not. No, no, not that.