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Emmert: NCAA is "pleased" with RFRA updates

Indiana legislators proposed updates to the law's language this morning.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Some reassurance to those across the Hoosier State that were concerned Indiana's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act would preclude the state from hosting future NCAA events came down this morning.

Mark Emmert released this statement from his White River State Park-based offices on the proposal this morning:

"We are very pleased the Indiana legislature is taking action to amend Senate Bill 101 so that it is clear individuals cannot be discriminated against. NCAA core values call for an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory for our student-athletes, membership, fans, staff and their families. We look forward to the amended bill being passed quickly and signed into law expeditiously by the governor."

- Mark Emmert, NCAA president

The NCAA joins a group of other business leaders to endorse the new language. It's been reasoned previously that Indianapolis would be a strong candidate to host the next available Final Four in 2021. This year will make for the fourth Final Four the city has hosted since 2000.

The city has also discussed a run at making an attempt to host the CFP Playoff Final in Lucas Oil Stadium, though no formal plans have been announced. That event is not hosted directly by the NCAA, but rather by the College Football Playoff committee. CFP committee member Pat Haden yesterday said he would not attend the Final Four in Indianapolis as a result of the law's passing.