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MR. HOOSIER: Who's the most popular Hoosier of the last fifteen years?

Over the course of the next two weeks, you can help us determine your favorite Hoosier -- or Hoosier thing -- since 2000. Here's the bracket.

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An interesting debate broke out in a CQ staff meeting last night -- who's the most beloved IU-related figure since the turn of the century? Is it a superstar player -- like a Antwaan Randle El or Victor Oladipo? Is it a GRITTY GRINDER HEART guy like AJ Moye or Dane Fife? Or should it be a guy like Bill Cook, someone that provided the funds to bring Indiana's athletic facilities into the 21st century? The debate, of course, could not be settled, and since it's the offseason and we're tired of stalking Thon Maker on social media -- we need your help.

Our staff has broken the candidates up into four regions: the SUPERSTARS, the ROLE PLAYERS, the BENCHWARMERS, and HOOSIER POTPOURRI. Over the course of the next two weeks, we'll go region-by-region, round-by-round and let you vote each day on who you think should advance in each matchup. Today, we'll unveil 15 candidates in each region -- leaving one spot open in each for YOU, THE FAN to determine. Suggest your write-in candidates below in the comments, and they'll be the 16 seeds when we the voting ramps up tomorrow.


All decisions of the CQ Selection Committee are final. Unless you pay us. Then we'll talk. Bracket chosen by CQ managing editor Kyle Robbins, assistant editors Kyle Swick & Ben Raphel, and staff writers David Siegel and Alex Robbins. We tried our best to keep recency bias out of this, but Indiana athletics was kind of really largely unmemorable from like 2004-2009. So sorry.


This category weighed heavily how good you were at Indiana, with hype and pro performance also playing a factor. I.e., high draft pick & All-american & national titles = higher seed.

(1) Victor Oladipo vs. (16) Fan's Choice Candidate

(8) Eric Gordon vs. (9) DJ White

(5) Kyle Schwarber vs. (12) Tom Coverdale

(4) Cody Zeller vs. (13) Derek Drouin

(6) Kellen Lewis/James Hardy vs. (11) Jeff Overton

(3) Jared Jeffries vs. (14) Danny O'Rourke

(7) Tevin Coleman vs. (10) Cody Latimer

(2) Antwaan Randle-El vs. (15) Josh Phegley


This region looked for the do-more-with-less, fan-favorite types, but the ones that had a contributing role to the team. We're necessarily the front man for the team's success, but might have been the locker room leaders. The holy-crap-he-was-actually-good-but-how-guys, too. Also the guys that we didn't know where else to put, but should be on here, I guess.

(1) AJ Moye vs. (16) Fan's Choice

(8) Ben Chappell vs. (9) Gibran Hamdan

(5) Jordan Hulls vs. (12) Austin Starr

(4) Joey DeNato vs. (13) Kevin Alston

(6) Levron Williams vs. (11) Collin Hartman

(3) Tracy Porter vs. (14) Shane Wynn

(7) Marcus Thigpen vs. (10) Jarrod Odle

(2) Dane Fife vs. (15) Sam Travis


Here falls guys that either a) were loved because they were just so dang bad or b) rose to an unlikely role deep off the bench and evolved into a serviceable player. The team memes. This does not need further explanation.

(1) Tijan Jobe vs. (16) Fan's Choice

(8) Josiah Sears vs. (9) Isaiah Roundtree

(5) Ryan Tapak vs. (12) Mark Johnson

(4) Zander Diamont vs. (13) Ty Smith

(6) Kory Barnett vs. (11) Danny Moore

(3) Kyle Taber vs. (14) Nate Ritchie

(7) Jeff Howard vs. (10) Tim Priller

(2) Errek Suhr vs. (15) Rhett Lewis Kleinschmidt


We kept Coach Hep out of the discussion here, because he'd win the whole dang thing running away -- or at least he should. Instead, we named this catch-all region of IU personalities and things after him.

(1) Fred Glass vs. (16) Fan's Choice

(8) Chris Korman vs. (9) Dustin Dopirak

(5) @ChronicHoosier vs. (12) CREANFACE

(4) Kevin Wilson vs. (13) Bill Lynch

(6) Ken Nunn vs. (11) Dan Dakich

(3) Tom Crean vs. (14) Mike Davis

(7) IU Credit Union vs. (10) Barbasol

(2) Bill Cook vs. (15) Brad Stevens Rumors

Be sure to vote below in the comments for your 4 write-in 16-seeds for each region. Regular voting starts tomorrow with the CHEANEY REGION.