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Quick Reaction: Michigan State 74, Indiana 72

Hoosiers show heart late, but drop a must-win at home.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A few things:

1. DO NOT blame this one on Yogi's missed free throw. Without him, we lose this game by double digits. Please don't go there.

2. Defensively, the Hoosiers are regressing. The only reason IU had a chance at the end was because Michigan St. does not how to shoot free throws. The overall theme of the day was the WIDE OPEN shots that the Spartans had all game long. MSU didn't even shoot particularly well, which leads to my next thought.

3. Offensive rebounding. Michigan St. had 15 of them, and the second-chance and third-chance points were the baskets that not only deflated the crowd time and again, but ultimately was the difference in this game.

4. Troy Williams had a day to forget. Williams was completely neutralized the entire game as MSU basically dared him to shoot over them, finishing with 4 points. As Troy goes, so does this team.

More to come later.