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Hoosiers v. Spartans: GAMETHREAD

First nice Saturday in awhile, let's all stay inside and watch Tom Crean try to land this plan without wheels.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

So here's what we know:

  • Indiana prooooooobably should start winning games again if they want to participate in the Non-NIT division of the postseason.
  • It's SENIOR DAY for ... oh yeah.
  • The last 48 hours have seen the rumor mill kick into high gear, spanning from the fate of the head coach, to the futures of certain players, and everything in between.
  • Two 2015 five-star big men are on campus for today's game, Thon Maker and Thomas Bryant. With Indiana already oversigned by two but in desperate need of size, a commitment by one or both (!!!) will make an already interesting offseason even more ridiculous.

Indiana / Michigan State at noon. Let's get weird.