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In praise of the IU graphic design recruiting team

Tom Crean's recruiting pitches ain't nothin' to f*** with.

Over a span of about 12 hours yesterday, two of IU's most highly-sought after recruits in the class of 2016, De'Ron Davis and Rawle Alkins, both tweeted out photos of themselves in an IU uniform.


And Alkins:

Sure, this is the norm nowadays in recruiting, but it doesn't make it any less funny to think about someone sitting in an office in Assembly Hall developing glorified fan mail while blaring early 2000's rap. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that Tom Crean had to sign off on which MIKE JONES lyric to use.

So, in an effort to stay up with the times (and also an open application to team up with whoever is in charge of this), I developed some extra material that the graphic design team can and should use if they want to have any chance at landing big-name recruits.

For Thon Maker:


And Thomas Bryant:

While you should probably leave it up to professionals like myself to handle these types of things, feel free to make your own, but for god's sake, don't actually send it to these kids.