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Quick Reaction: Wisconsin 92, Indiana 78

The Hoosiers didn't have an answer for Frank Kaminsky down low & couldn't keep pace with the Badgers.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a hot shooting first half where the Hoosiers shot 8 of 11 from long range, falling in Madison 92-78. Indiana didn't have an answer for Wisconsin's size -- Frank Kaminsky shot at a 75% clip and poured in 23 points. Granted, he had plenty of help from his supporting cast -- Sam Dekker, Nigel Hayes, and Bronson Koenig all poured in double-digits for Bo Ryan.

Indiana went on a late second half run that probably made some bettors happy, closing the gap to a reasonable amount, but it was for the most part irrelevant -- except for those watching the box score. Granted, it did show a level of FIGHT from Tom Crean's club.

The Hoosiers were without freshman leading scorer James Blackmon, who missed the game with a late-reported ankle injury suffered in the second half of Saturday afternoon's win over Rutgers.


1. You usually lose when the other team does not miss shots. Indiana needed to catch Wisconsin on a night when they weren't shooting it well to have a chance in this one. They didn't! In fact, just the opposite. Frank Kaminsky didn't miss until the middle of the second half. (HE WAS ZERO FOR ONE ON DUNKS, THOUGH.) Nigel Hayes may have still not missed. Wisconsin is a good team, and Wisconsin made lot of shots. Honestly, really can't think of a situation when this Indiana team, as constructed, can beat this Wisconsin team when they shoot at that clip. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...

2. Indiana's post defense isn't bad. It's non-existent. I am a second-grade teacher yelling at students about multiplication tables. "Hey, the post defense is pretty bad. HEY, I SAID, THE POST DEFENSE IS REALLY BAD ARE YOU GOING TO DO--I AM GOING TO COUNT TO THREE 1, 2--." And y'all still show up, high expectations and all, expecting a 6-4 dude to magically grow as a magic beanstalk and successfully defend one of the nation's best big men. Indiana needs Hanner Perea back really, really bad.

3. I'm going to say something about substitution patters, so y'all don't get mad. I don't know how it changes the result of this game, but yeah they're kinda weird -- fine. People are hurt and patterns must change, I guess. Whatever.

The Hoosiers return to the floor Sunday, at home, against Michigan