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Then and now: January 25, 1998

Let's go back in time and see what life was like the last time IU beat Wisconsin in Madison. You know you're a 90s kid if you remember this!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today, we’re looking back to a red-letter date in Indiana basketball history. Because Indiana men's basketball has not defeated Wisconsin in Madison in over 17 years, we're firing up the TCQ DeLorean and going back in time to the day of our last road win over the Badgers:

January 25, 1998.

Let's start with a recap of the game itself. The Hoosiers won 69-59. The leading scorer for the Hoosiers?


That's right, it was Andrae Patterson, who led the team with 23 points. A.J. Guyton also chipped in with 13 during that same game.

Know who else was on that team?


RECKERRRRR. He only had 7 points in the game.

Obviously, Bob Knight was still roaming the IU sidelines back in 1998, but Bo Ryan had yet to start working his magic in Wisconsin. Instead, this guy was coaching the Badgers.

dickie b

Does he look familiar to college hoops fans in 2015? He should - because this is Dick Bennett, the father of current UVA coach/58-possession-per-game wizard Tony Bennett.

Also, here was a fun tidbit from the IU website's game preview:

KNIGHT ON THE WEB: Bob Knight has entered cyberspace with his own web site. The site debuted in December. is a comprehensive look at the coach both on and off the court and the 1997-98 Hoosiers. The site features gameday information, team stats and a text of Coach's postgame press conferences plus many other features. On-line real time stat updates from games are also available.

"Bob Knight has entered cyberspace!"

"On-line real time stat updates!"

Man, this internet thing could really catch on.

But what else was happening in the world on January 25th, 1998?

Well, it was a time of love and emotion across the country, as this was the #1 movie:


The last time IU won in Madison, love was also in the air on the pop charts, as the following was the #1 song in America:

And on January 25th, the world was just learning about these two lovebirds:


Elsewhere in the world of sports, January 25, 1998 was the day of Super Bowl XXXII, in which John Elway and the Broncos outlasted Brett Favre and the Packers.

And have you thought gas prices have been good this winter? Well they're nothing compared to this day in history, when they were, on average, under $1.16 a gallon.

Want to really feel old though?

James Blackmon, Jr. was two years old when this game was played. That's right. JBJ was probably in diapers the last time IU won in Madison.

And where was our current coach back in '98? Well he was on the Michigan State sidelines as an assistant under Tom Izzo (YES I KNOW THE PHOTO SAYS 1999 JUST IGNORE IT FOR NOW).


Sweet frames, coach.