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PITCHFORKS: Bench James Blackmon, Fire Spencer Hall, and other musings from Indiana basketball message boards

Our newest weekly feature takes you 'round the Indiana interwebs to round up only the hottest and freshest TAEKS about Tom Crean, Hoosier basketball, and a potpourri of other things.

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Some of our best #content ideas must wait for the perfect storm of events -- like a close, well-played Indiana loss on the road to a Top 20 team. Surely, after such a hard-fought effort where the Hoosiers debunked most of the narratives around this specific team, no individual or fan could be too disappointed. Right?! WELL HAR HAR HAR YOU ARE WRONG. Many, if not most, Indiana basketball fans are very reasonable, measured individuals. These Indiana basketball fans, however, are the ones that should be locked inside a grain silo, forever.

What was the #iubb internet mad about yesterday? LET'S GO AROUND THE WEB.


First up, Our own Spencer Hall wrote this fantastically hilarious piece over at the mothership on Indiana fans' irrational hatred of everything Tom Crean. Some good folks at BTOWNBANNERS did not take kindly to this.

Poster WAYNEFLEEKHOOSIER (wait, what) brings the article to the board and says:

This is ruthless and ridiculous. Horrible "journalism." This article should get him fired IMO.

*fire emoji* *100 emoji*

User Hovadipo follows up:

I think that's kind of SB Nation's thing. Wanting to be Deadspin in a way. They just suck at trying to be Deadspin. Hopefully it at least insures he doesn't go somewhere that big kids work.

OOPS TOO LATE. Nothing here needs further explanation. God bless this state.


But, of course, there was a game last night -- one that ended in a close, difficult loss for Indiana. TWITTER, of course, would react rationally.

These are comments, from fans, after a game that the Hoosiers' nearly won on the road against the 16th best team in the country. The final score was 68-66.


Because, of course, with every loss, HEADS MUST ROLL in Indiana. A poster at succinctly states that the solution is to place Indiana's second-leading scorer after a poor performance on the road:

Sit JBJ. He is really shooting the ball terribly. Maybe he is wore out but whatever it is he isn't helping right now.

Of course, other posters just surmise that he's being INSUBORDINATE, of course.

I'd sit him if he's not doing what he's told.

James Blackmon is a freshman. He has had three twenty point games in the last four weeks. Benching him is probably a bad idea.

Add the HOT TAEKS you find across the web in the comments, if you'd like.