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Indiana Hoosiers basketball vs. IPFW Mastodons: Game Preview, odds, tv channels, tipoff times, and more!

The Hoosiers take on the Mastodons in a matchup that has NEVER EVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports


Who? IPFW Mastodons (7-3, #183 KenPom) v. Indiana Hoosiers (6-3, #26 KenPom)

When? Wednesday, December 9th, 7:00 PM, BTN+

Vegas? INDIANA -16.5

Pomeroy? INDIANA by 17, 93% chance of Indiana victory


After a very complete team victory against Morehead State, Indiana brings in their in-state opposite-of-a-rival for a Wednesday night matchup in Assembly Hall. The game is available only through BTN+ for those who want to watch, but you can listen to Don Fischer call the game on the IU Radio Network.

IPFW has had an interesting start to the year. In their first game, they showed well in a loss to Valparaiso (31st), scraped by former Indiana opponent Austin Peay by 3 points, and then were smoked Navy (189th) in a 22-point loss in the Spartan Showcase. They did have a good road win over Cal Poly (97th) but also lost by 17 to Utah (37th) on their way back east.


Four Factors

eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
INDIANA (#4 Adj. Offense) 63.3% (2nd) 21.6% (312th) 38.1% (24th) 36.0% (186th)
IPFW (#198 Adj. Defense) 50.9% (223rd) 18.1% (199th) 29.3% (139th) 37.9% (190th)

eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
INDIANA (#114 Adj. Defense) 49.3% (183rd) 21.0% (64th) 33.5% (268th) 29.5% (52nd)
IFPW (#175 Adj. Offense) 51.7% (96th) 18.4% (175th) 24.0% (310th) 34.0% (222nd)

While Indiana has never played IPFW, their statistical profile is (unfortunately) not very distinguishable from the parade of other non-conference opponents who have come into Assembly Hall this season so far. They don't excel at anything, though they're top-100 in making shots (but against Indiana, who isn't?) but they offset that but not being overtly terrible at anything outside of gathering offensive rebounds, at which they are very, very bad at doing.

They have two upperclassman guards leading the way: Mo Evans and Max Landis. Landis is playing 89.4% of the team's available minutes, which puts him close to the top of that category nationwide. Those minutes are well-deserved, as he's assisting on 21.0% of his possessions and hitting 38.6% of his 3PT shots, while only turning it over at a manageable 14.7% clip.

No player on IPFW is using more possessions relative to the minutes he plays than Mo Evans, and his 116.9 Offensive Rating leads the team. He's assisting on 30.0% of his possessions and pairs it with an eFG% of 59.5%. However, neither Evans nor Landis have managed to pull down an offensive rebound through the first ten games of the year. Which is actually kind of impressive, because you think it would just happen accidentally at one point.

At this point, I usually would write my STUFF TO WATCH FOR but there's literally nothing of note to watch for in this game. And unless you're paying up for BTN+ you can't watch for anything because you won't be watching at all. Instead, let's go over some interesting individual statistical nuggets for the Hoosiers.


  • Nick Zeisloft's Offensive Rating is 148.5, good for 4th in the country. He's hitting 53.7% of his 41 3PT attempts, which make up over 91% of his total shots. He was second in the nation last season (John Simmons, Central Michigan), first in the B1G.
  • Among qualified players (minimum 60% minutes played), the Hoosiers leader in eFG%? Troy Williams, who is 96th in the country.
  • Thomas Bryant is making 77.6% of his two-point shots, good for third in the nation. Max Bielfeldt is making 75% of his two-point shots, good for ninth. Bielfeldt's eFG% of 76.7% would be 4th in nation if he qualified.
  • None of the eight Hoosiers who have played at least 40% of the team's minutes have an Offensive Rating lower than 113.6 (Collin Hartman). The average offensive rating of those eight players? 125.3.
  • The lowest turnover rate on the team belongs to Nick Zeisloft (15.0%) with Yogi Ferrell close behind (15.9%). No member of the team is in the top-500 nationally for the statistic.