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Indiana Hoosiers vs. Kennesaw State Owls: Game preview, odds, start time, channels, and more

It's okay if you don't watch this one! It's doesn't make you any less of a true fan!

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Who? Kennesaw State Owls (3-10, #324 KenPom) v. Indiana Hoosiers (8-3, #23 KenPom)

When? Tuesday, December 22nd, 6:00 PM, BTN

Vegas? INDIANA -32

Pomeroy? INDIANA by 27, 98% chance of Indiana victory


It's okay.

You don't have to watch this one.

For the fourth time during this non-conference season, Indiana finds itself playing an opponent with an under-300 KenPom ranking. Tonight's mercenary is Kennesaw State - a school that is making its second trip to Bloomington in three years. The Owls, who play in suburban ATL and are coached by former Boston College head coach Al Skinner, get to come into Assembly Hall and play 40 minutes in one of college basketball's most renowned arenas, collect their game check, then go home.

Indiana, meanwhile, gets one final tuneup before B1G play, then gets a week off for Christmas before starting their conference schedule with a school that is only ranked 62 spots ahead of Kennesaw.

That school, of course, is Rutger.

If you're busy with holiday stuff or finishing end-of-year work assignments or have an overdue finals paper to complete, I'll forgive you if you wish to skip this one. Sure, the win on Saturday was great, but this is another clunker of a game to end the noncon schedule. We've vented before about the lack of quality opponents in Assembly Hall so far this season, and tonight is no exception. This scheduling has to stop. Kennesaw State has only beaten three teams this year, and one of them appears to be something called "Thomas."


So if you don't watch this game, don't worry - it doesn't make you any less of a "true fan" of Indiana basketball. I've seen a lot of discussion recently about what constitutes a "true fan" of a team, and what type of person should attend a game and root for a team, or how you should behave when you're at a game with your family, or how you need to be a "big boy" if you want to get argue with a fan of your rival about basketball.

Well, I'm here to tell you that there are no rules to being a true fan of any sports team. You don't have to watch every minute of every game to have an opinion about this year's Indiana basketball team, nor do you have to rearrange your schedule to watch your team play every time they're scheduled. It's okay if you don't know everyone on the roster this year, let alone who was the 12th man on the 1987 championship team. Sports fandom means something different to each and every one of us, and even if you're not on the pulse of what's happening with this team and every other B1G team at every moment, that doesn't mean you should be ostracized from rooting for the Hoosiers, or for whoever your favorite team may be.


Four Factors

eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
INDIANA (#5 Adj. Offense) 61.5% (2nd) 20.5% (279th) 40.4% (9th) 35.8% (178th)
KENNESAW STATE (#265 Adj. Defense) 55.7% (297th) 18.5% (169th) 34.2% (288th) 35.4% (190th)

eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
INDIANA (#110 Adj. Defense) 47.6% (118th) 20.8% (65th) 33.0% (263rd) 28.1% (39th)
KENNESAW STATE (#334 Adj. Offense) 43.6% (325th) 21.5% (312th) 2.56% (286th) 32.1% (260th)


  • Can Indiana avoid a letdown and come out playing strong right away after a surprising comeback win over Notre Dame on Saturday?
  • Will the Hoosiers experiment more with the 1-3-1/2-3 defensive formation that helped them win the game on Saturday?
  • Will Tim Priller get the loudest cheers of the night?
  • In actual news that is awesome and something we all should be proud of, IU is giving away 2,000 tickets to local charities for tonight's game.
  • Finally, here is a funny photo of Tom Crean for the internet to enjoy: