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Indiana basketball vs. Austin Peay Preview: The Governors might just be the worst team in all of Division I

LET"S GO PEAY (ok seriously yes let's get this one over quickly i need to use the restroom"

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball twitter superstar (and CQ contributor) Jordan Majewski is one of college basketball's best follows if you'd like to keep up on mid-major basketball. He watches and follows games between schools 90% of the viewing public don't know exist, and therefore I defer to him when it comes to early-season games against no-name non conference opponents.

Here are his thoughts on the Austin Peay Governors, tonight's opponent for Tom Crean's Indiana Hoosiers.

This isn't hyperbole. Davy Loos' Austin Peay squad is really, really terrible -- the type of team that will hurt Indiana's RPI profile even if they win by 100. Let's talk about why!


WHAT: AUSTIN PEAY Governors (0-1) at #15 INDIANA Hoosiers (1-0)

WHERE: Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana

WHEN: 7pm

WATCH: Big Ten Network

LINE: Indiana, -27.5 on 5Dimes

KENPOM SAYS: Indiana 88, Austin Peay 64. 97% chance of victory.


Well, too bad.

Listen, by principle, we're not listing KenPom's four factors for November games against sub-250 opponents. This is our way of protesting Indiana's non-conference scheduling which is, uh, not great.

Austin Peay lost their first game at Vanderbilt by 39 points. They scored 41. They had an effective field goal percentage of 22% (!!!). They are not very good -- assuredly worse than Eastern Illinois, and both were very possibly less talented than Bellarmine and Ottawa.

Indiana should win this game by several touchdowns. I don't feel like discussing this any further.


Here's three things if you're really looking for something, I guess.

Hope no one gets hurt! The most important thing through these early season games is getting through without injury. Sure, it's an opportunity to further knock some rust off before Creighton comes to town on Thursday -- but the priority is not different from an exhibition game. Get as many dudes you can some run, try to get Ryan Burton into double digits off the bench -- and I don't mean in minutes. That should be the goal of this game. Select a random walk-on off the bench, feed him 20+ shots, see if he can score at the same volume-rate as like, you know, Kobe Bryant.

Of course, you could probably do that, with a cup of brown liquor in tow.

Pee jokes! HEY DID YOU KNOW AUSTIN PEAY RHYMES WITH AUSTIN PEE AS IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND NAMED AUSTIN AND YOU ARE GIVING HIM IMPERATIVE INSTRUCTION ABOVE A TOILET? Many people will make this joke during the game! Or maybe not! Maybe we're just immature! Maybe I'm really lazy and don't feel like looking anything up about this stupid team! GO PEAY.

Uh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmm, here have a video of Michael McDonald singing various hits from What A Time To Be Alive.

Yeah, yeah. That's all we've got for you on this one.