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What are the chances Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard suit up for the Hoosiers against Penn State?

It's time to play everybody's least favorite game show: WILL THEY PLAY?

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana's starting quarterback Nate Sudfeld has been nursing an ankle injury since the end of the Wake Forest game. The starting running back, Jordan Howard, picked up his very own injured ankle against Ohio State. Neither finished the game against the Buckeyes, as a battery of Zander Diamont and Devine Redding speared the Hoosiers' late rally that fell a few yards short.

And while Hoosier fans agonized over "what could have been" had their two most important offensive players been healthy, there was also concern how much more time the two would miss.

Suds didn't give a lot of hope for optimism with his quote earlier in the week:

However, Kevin Wilson didn't believe either injury to be major, but also didn't guarantee either would be available against Penn State this Saturday. We know that both will make the trip to State College, which bodes well for their chances to play. Kevin Wilson also mentioned on his radio show last night that Nate Sudfeld was cleared by the medical staff to return to the game against OSU but Wilson made the executive decision not to risk his top signal-caller suffering a more serious injury.

In potentially-good-potentially-nothing news, both Howard and Sudfeld topped their respective positions on this week's two-deep depth chart, which may indicate that they're in line to start on Saturday or may not indicate anything at all. #analysis

Given what we do know, I'd say it's a virtual certainty that Nate Sudfeld will play. We've heard less about Jordan Howard's injury, but I would anticipate seeing him out there as well. Either way, I would expect to see quite a bit more of Devine Redding, in an effort to keep Howard fresh, as ankle injuries can be some of the trickiest to maintain during a game. Perhaps we'll see a third running back get a carry for the first time all year, as Howard and Redding remain the only Indiana running backs to carry the ball through the first five games.