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No football game today. But there's still plenty to discuss.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween, everyone!

As of right now, Purdue is winning a football game. By double digits. Against Nebraska.

That's right, the Boilers have a great chance to win their first home B1G game under Darrell Hazell, as they lead 28-16 35-16 42-16 right now. Could Nebraska, who is without their staring QB, actually lose this one and fall to 3-6?

Talk about it here. Other interesting stuff to discuss:

  • IU is hosting the Haunted Hall of Hoops and a scrimmage at Assembly Hall today.
  • The university announced yesterday that they'll be broadcasting all 19 home basketball games in Mandarin this year, which is awesome for the 3,000 current IU students and almost 4,500 IU alums who are from China.
  • The Tom Crean weekly radio show has its season premiere on Monday night, and that of course means Truth from Evansville will be back in our lives.
  • Pretty bad slate of B1G games today but can Minnesota will its way to an emotional victory under the lights against Michigan?
  • J.T. Barrett got arrested late last night for driving while intoxicated, and while OSU has a bye today he'll at least miss next week's game.
  • Oh yeah, it's Halloween. Talk costumes and candy here and tell me I'm a bad person for liking candy corn.

Enjoy the weekend, folks.