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Three Dang Things: did we learn anything during that god awful meltdown?

Indiana gave back a 52-27 third quarter lead in a meltdown for the ages.

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

/cracks knuckles

Let's do this.

  • This entire program and staff should probably be reevaluated. Predictable play calls and miscues at the fundamental level have created a team unable to sustain its own progression. On that 3rd and 1, Indiana's final offensive play, every single person watch (including the Rutgers coaching staff and defense) knew that ball was going into Devine Redding's hands and he was headed straight up the middle. Defenders are over-pursuing on nearly every play, which leaves them with no choice but to make ineffective arm tackle attempts. Indiana will struggle to field top-level talent, but non-predictive play calling and fundamentals have no excuse to not exist in a regime's fifth year. I'm not calling for anyone to be canned, necessarily, but where is this program going and how do they plan to get there when so many players lack a solid foundation of football acumen?
  • Mike Majette looks like a keeper. Obviously it's one game, obviously the sample size is small, but you had to like what you saw out of the true freshman running back. With the exception of the long touchdown run, Devine Redding turned in another performance that would make you think the spot behind Jordan Howard (if he ever returns) is up for grabs, and Majette has made an awfully enticing bid for those touches.
  • Fifty-five points, at home, to Rutgers. With a road date in East Lansing coming up, Indiana will have a tough time coming back from this game any time soon. There are no excuses for this performance, no team should require more than 52 points to be beaten, and yet, at the same time, you have every right to be mad at an offense that, despite scoring 52 points, went completely silent for the final 20 minutes of the game, while also actively sabotaging Indiana's chances of holding on by turning the ball over twice.