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Here is what Tom Crean looks like, according to Twitter

Twitter timelines weren't working, but no real journalist would allow that to MUTE THE OPINION OF THE FAN.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter effectively died during Michigan State's 70-50 beatdown of the Hoosiers. Tweets, for whatever reason, weren't being delivered directly to the timelines of your followers. Oh no! How could one survive without fresh, hot 140-character opinions on ball movement and Tom Crean's coaching style?

Of course, you could still follow along with the #iubb hashtag -- the catch-all wastebin for needless live-tweet, game updates and a potpourri of other takes. Or you could just simply search "indiana hoosiers" or "yogi ferrell" or "tom crean" or some other Indiana basketball related-phrase.

You could also search "tom crean look like," which would presumably give you a slate of tweets about what various folks on Twitter think Tom Crean looks like.

Rather than talk about the game, here are 15 tweets about what "Tom Crean looks like."

15. Dwight Schrute

14. Dentist

13. Harry Potter

12. Hannibal

11. Simpsons' character

10. Jim Cornette

9. Tom Arnold/Sarah Palin

8. Dana Carvey, in character

7. Judd Nelson

6. Some dude from Scandal

5. Kendrick Lamar

4. Lean cooking expert
3. Lawyer

2. Children's TV character

1. Shemp Howard