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11 photos of Matt Painter pointing at things

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

You may be aware that IU's head coach, Tom Crean, is a funny looking fellow. You can see this in my Twitter avatar, as well as my SB Nation avatar. He also likes to clap and wears a blue checkered shirt! Ha! FUNNY.

But did you know that Matt Painter also often looks silly in the photos taken of him? In fact, a cursory Google image search reveals that he sure does love to point at things a lot during games! Sometimes with his mouth open! In fact, we might as well call him "Matt Pointer", amirite?

And now, we present to you: 11 ridiculous photos of Matt Painter pointing his finger at things.

this is good #content

1. "Why's that scoreboard still say we're losing!"

2."It wasn't me, mom! It was him!"

3. "He stole my wallet and ran that way, officer!"

4. "Hey look, a dime!"


6. "See that number there? We don't make many of those types of shots."

7. "J'Accuse!"

8. "You can get a great deal on that used Dodge Stratus over there!"

9. "Morgan Burke told me it was casual Friday!"

10. "You're not even paying attention to me"

11. "Hey! What are those five red rectangular things over on the side there called? And where are ours?"