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What Did We Learn: Ohio State

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Indiana loses on the road to Ohio State by a score of 82 - 70 but DID WE LEARN ANYTHING?!

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The Hoosiers suffered only their second loss in conference play this afternoon in Columbus. ONTO THE LEARNINGS.

  • Despite their successes, this is still a flawed basketball team. Indiana does a lot of things very, very well but their inability to defend consistently makes their margin of error very, very thin. Combine their defensive inability with a team that is very good at scoring the basketball like they saw today, along with the always dangerous road environments of the Big Ten and victory becomes difficult. Particularly when the Hoosiers can't get out of their own way, and a 24.1% turnover percentage is the very definition of "getting in your own way." All that said, this isn't a flaw that should prevent them from getting a bid to the NCAA Tournament, as their offense is typically good enough to win the game on its own.
  • #Stan. An injury to Robert Johnson forced Crean's hand a little bit today, but outside a game-changing appearance against Penn State, the sophomore guard simply hasn't played nearly well-enough to warrant minutes going forward. His on-ball defense is noticeably better than the rest of this team (outside of Yogi) but his concentration lapses and lack of any feel for anything on the offensive side of the ball makes it tough to carve out a role on a team that should have less minutes to go around going forward. Unfortunately, Robinson hasn't seemed to build on a mildly successful, but raw, freshman campaign and returned to Bloomington this year largely the same player he was at the conclusion of last year.
  • This team is starting to go as Troy goes. The common denominator in both losses in the conference season has been virtual no-shows by Troy Williams. The sophomore forward has all the tools to be an All-Big Ten talent but there's almost no middle-ground for him. He's either got his fingerprints all over the game or he rides the pine for long stretches due to brutal ineffectiveness. He brings a dynamic that no one else on this team can with his ability to move without the ball and finish at the rim, but the turnovers and questionable decision-making limited his impact after the first few minutes of the game.
  • Good God (some of) you people need to calm down. I realize Twitter is a terrible place to judge people's opinions or the heartbeat of the fanbase, but I'm doing it anyway. Y'all need to have a glass of water, read this article again, and remember that a loss in Columbus does not define a season nor change any of the goals left in front of this young team. Indiana is in the middle of a four game stretch in which we figured the best-case scenario was two wins and the Hoosiers have a chance to walk away with three if they snag a win over Purdue in West Lafayette on Wednesday. Ohio State played a very good basketball game today, Indiana guarded very poorly, you learn what can be learned and you try and get better. There are eleven more of these and Indiana is favored on KenPom in eight of them.
  • D'Angelo Russell is pretty good at basketball. Nothing to add here, just an incredible talent.