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Hoosiers Crack the AP and Coaches Top 25 Polls at #23

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With a 4-1 start to B1G play, the Hoosiers return to the polls for the first time in over a year.

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For the first time this season, IU has reached the top 25, as more voters other than Seth Davis have finally realized that this team is actually pretty good despite all of our offseason drama. In both the AP and the Coaches poll, the Hoosiers are ranked 23rd, sandwiched between Archie Miller's Dayton squad that made the Elite 8 last year and Seton Hall, former school of our own JustAJ. I'd say that this #23 ranking is a fair assessment of where our team is so far this season, as I think even the most optimistic Hoosiers fans did not anticipate us winning four of our first five conference games. Unless of course, you're this guy, or you think that 23rd happens to be a disappointing ranking because THAT'S NOT WHAT IU BASKETBALL'S S'POSED TO BE. (kneels down at the altar of Bob Knight)

Other B1G teams that made the Top 25 of the polls were Wisconsin (#6 AP/#5 Coaches), Maryland (#13 AP /#8 Coaches), and Iowa (#25 AP). This ranking could put the Hoosiers in a new position that they're unfamiliar with up to this point in the season - a team with a target on its back. How the young Hoosier team responds to a more national spotlight and raised expectations could make or break our season, but let's be real - there always was going to be an elevated spotlight on this team because "It's Indiana."

Here are few other #iubb related stories and notes for your Monday night:

  • Rick Bozich has a fun, snarky column for WDRB today about all the hoopla surrounding Tom Crean's supposed status on the hot seat, and how the coach and his team have put together a nice season so far despite all the noise.
  • Over at SB Nation sister site BT Powerhouse, Scott Manning argues that Crean should be in the discussion as a B1G Coach of the Year candidate. Come for a good review of the season, stay for the arguments with an Iowa superfan in the comments.
  • Bracketology: Jerry Palm has us as a 9-seed and HOO BOY LOOK AT OUR PROJECTED REGION:

    We can laugh, but this is the type of stuff the Selection Committee LOVES to do. After all. Kentucky has had to get by IU and Louisville in their last two Sweet 16 games.
  • Bracketology, part 2: Lunardi has us as 8-seed and facing Old Dominion in the first round, with a potential Round of 32 matchup against a Villanova team that I always love to pick against going far in the tournament, and usually I end up being right about that (aside from the Scottie Reynolds-led Final Four run in 2009).