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Stop making parody coach accounts, now

Don't tweet.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter dot com is a great place to find both informational and humorous content in a fast and efficient way across many subjects, such as news, weather and sports. Since college basketball is a sport, many folks make twitter dot come a destination for both informational and humorous content. Some folks also think they would be good at adding to the humorous content on twitter dot com, in the form of parody coach accounts. This is not true, however, because coach parody accounts are not humorous, usually.

Here is a Top 25 ranking of college basketball coaches, by number of bad parody accounts.

1. Tom Crean, Indiana (20)

@CreanyTom, @Not_YoBoy_Tom, @Not_TomCrean, @NotThomasCrean, @NotNottomcrean, @Not_Tom_Crean, @ImNotTomCrean, @NotTomCrean_, @NotTomCrean, @FakeTomCreanIU, @FakeCTC, @Fake_CoachCrean, @_FakeTomCrean, @FakeIUCTC, @FakeTomCrean1, @FakeTomCrean6, @TheFakeTomCrean, @Fake_TomCrean, @FakeCoach Crean, @TomCrean2

2. John Calipari, Kentucky (17)

@HonestCalipari, @J_Calipari, @NotJ_Calipari, @NotCoachCal, @kentuckybb22, @NCalipari, @CoachCalParody, @NotJohnCalipari, @FakeCalipari, @UKJohnCalapari, @Fake_Calipari, @FakeJohnCalipar, @FakeCalipariUK, @Fake_CoachCal, @FakeCoachCal, @CalipariGoogled, @FakeUKCalipari

3. Bill Self, Kansas (17)

@fakebillself, @ananandbillself, @FauxBillSelf, @_FakeBillSelf_, @FakeBillSelfKU, @FakeCoaBillSelf, @BillSelfFake, @FakeBillSelf1, @Fake_Bill_Self, @fakebill_self, @fakebillyself, @FakeBillSelf_kU, @notbillself, @something324231, @YABOYSELF, @FakeBillSelfK_U, @fake_BillSelf,

4. Tim Miles, Nebraska (12)

@Fake_Tim_Miles, @FakeTimMiles, @TimpostorMiles, @tim5280ft, @Fake_TimMiles, @RealTimMiles, @TheFakeTimMiles, @FauxTimmyMiles, @BigredbballTim, @BeausTim, @FauxTimMiles, @NotTimMiles

5. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke (11)

@NotKrzyzewski, @NotCoachK, @NotKrzyzewskiDU, @FakeCoachK, @CoachKKK, @FakeCoachK, @MrFakeCoachK, @Fake_CoachK, @reallynotcoachk, @NotRealCoachK, @fakecoachkay

6. Rick Pitino, Louisville (7)

@RickPitinoWords, @notRickPitino, @CoachRickPitino, @RickNotPitino, @notCoachPitino, @NotRickPitino1, @FakeRickPitino

7. Roy Williams, North Carolina (7)

@DaggumRoy, @NotRoyWilliams, @FakeCoachRoy, @Fake_Coach_Roy, @FakeRWilliams, @FakeRoyUNC, @fakeroywilliams

8. Steve Alford, UCLA (6)

@Coach_Alford, @NotSteveAlford, @NotCoachAlford, @FakeSteveAlford, @FakeAlford, @FakeSteveAlford

9. Bruce Weber, Kansas State (6)

@FakeWeberKSU, @fakebruceweber, @FauxBWeber, @notbruceweber, @FakeBWeberKSU, @EMAWBruceWeber

10. Frank Haith, Tulsa (5)

@NotFrankHaith, @FakeFrankHaith, @fakeFrank_Haith, @Tigerfrankhaith, @fakefrankatMU

11. Tom Izzo, Michigan State (5)

@NotTomIzzo, @IzzoTom, @NotTomIzzo1, @tommyizzo, @faketomizzo

12. Thad Matta, Ohio State (5)

@FakeThad_Matta, @Fake_Thad_Matta, @itsthadfromosu, @FakeMatta, @fauxthadmatta

13. Billy Donovan, Florida (5)

@donovan_not, @notBillyDonovan, @NotCoachBillyD, @fakebilldonovan, @fakedonovan

14. Fran McCaffery, Iowa (4)

@mccefery, @FakeFran, @UnFranMcCaffery, @FakeFrannyMac

15. Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State (4)

@fauxHoiberg, @FakeFredHoiberg, @Fauxberg, @NotFredHoiberg

16. Matt Painter, Purdue (4)

@FakeMattPainter, @NotMattPainter, @FauxMattPainte, @comebackhummel

17. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse (4)

@NotJimBoeheim, @ShitBoeheimSays, @NotJimmyBoeheim, @fauxjimboeheim

18. Bob Huggins, West Virginia (4)

@FauxCoachHuggs, @FakeBobHuggins, @FalseHuggins, @NotBobHuggins

19. Gregg Marshall, Wichita State (4)

@FakeGMarshall, @WSUCoach, @Fake_GMarshall, @FakeTripleG

20. Bo Ryan, Wisconsin (3)

@fauxboknows, @fauxboryan, @notboryan

21. Bruce Pearl, Auburn (3)

@not_pearl, @MR_bruce, @FakeBrucePearl

22. Travis Ford, Oklahoma State (3)

@NotTravisFord, @FakeTravisFord, @FauxTravisFord

23. Sean Miller, Arizona (3)

@FakeSeanMiller, @Fake_SeanMiller, @FakeCoachMiller

24. Buzz Williams, Virginia Tech (3)

@FakeBuzzWilliams, @CoachFake, @Buzz__Williams

25. Cuonzo Martin, California (3)

@cuonzo, @NotCuonzoMartin, @FakeCuonzo