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TCQ Welcomes a New Writer

The Crimson Quarry has a new writer, and you can call him Miller.. Simply put, he digs Hoosier hoops.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Our staff has expanded, and we welcome Miller to TCQ as a supplement to our basketball coverage. You'll be seeing more of him soon with Hoosier Hysteria right around the corner. In his own words:

I was the 8 year old kid chucking threes in my backyard in Evansville, Indiana, the land of our very own Calbert Cheaney. When was I doing so? Let's just say after my first TCQ conference call I realized I was the "elder" of the crew. But it's all good. I remember stuff; and I am looking forward to hashing it out with the readers old and new.

Over the years, I have been hanging out in other Hoosier basketball blogs. If you have been around those blogs in the last 5 years, you probably have read some of my stuff. Now I'm wearing another hat, tis a work in progress, but I'm looking forward to it.

My intentions are quite simple: a never-ending quest to feel the pulse of Hoosier Nation, good and bad. The truth may hurt, but shall prevail! Writing is not enough to make this work, it's a two-way street. Read my stuff, think it over and then let me hear it. I have many ideas on how to increase reader involvement. Without you we got nuttin'.

So there it is. I'm Miller. I shoot hoops. I live hoops. And I learned it all in the state of Indiana. Hang on, kids, I'm looking forward to one hell of a ride!!!