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SB Nation Looking For New Site Manager

After a couple years at the helm, JustAJ is now hit the top of his lifespan for running The Crimson Quarry. If you want to have your name at the top of your very own blog apply here.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

As some of you are aware, I've started a new job this past summer. For the past two months I've been struggling to find the energy to do/learn my real world job, write consistent blog content and manage the behind the scenes action. As you may have noticed we've added writers to help pick up the slack, but the load was too much. So I will be stepping down as the site manager and go back to just writing. So here is an opportunity for any aspiring writer/editor to step up.

The Crimson Quarry is now looking for a new site manager. Your responsibilities in this role will be to manage a staff or writers. Maintain consistent article output and keep the lights on here at the blog. You'd be surprised the amount of energy and effort these tasks actually require.

So if you think you have the chops to run this blog and manage our crazy cast of writers, I would encourage you to email Matt Brown ( with your interest and credentials. This transition is planned to move quickly since we're in a football bye week. Meaning don't hesitate. I don't envision much changing in the way the site functions and this development is likely a big win for our readers. Since the volume of content is likely to increase with some proper oversight.