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Indiana vs. Bowling Green: Game Thread

It's time you guys. After a ridiculous week 2 bye, the Hoosiers are back in action and doing battle on the road in Bowling Green.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still struggling to get over the fact that we had that crazy week 2 bye, but I guess it is over now and we can get on to the real season. After a quiet tune up win against ISU where the Hoosiers tipped absolutely none of their hand it will be interesting to see how they play against a MAC favorite. Do they sell out everything they've got to try and get a comfortable win or are they going to continue to play conservative with the young guys as they continue to input complexities during the week.

Well we're just going to have to wait until noon today to tune into ESPNU to find out. I would expect things to go about the same as two weeks ago. The Hoosiers didn't exactly look like world beaters, but they were still able to do what they wanted on offense for the most part when it came to moving the ball. This time I'd bet that the ease of ball movement comes through the air though. Sudfeld has something to prove for this season and Bowling Green has given up nearly 900 yards through the air against some very low talent opponents.

If the air still struggles expect Tevin Coleman to get a lot of reps. Whether the Hoosiers let out an aerial assault or a ground one, I'm hoping to see Tevin put up a real big game. I've become invested in seeing him make All B1G this year at running back and would love to see it come to fruition.

On defense, Indiana is likely going to go a bit young again. The starters two weeks ago were some of our experienced guys but the young guys like Nile Sykes didn't take long to fight their way in for playing time. If the Hoosiers defense can put up a stiff resistance like they did against Indiana State, I may start to actually believe they've turned a corner. Come check out the game and stay with us in the game thread to see if any and all of the Hoosiers greatness comes to the top.