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The Thirsty Thursday Thinker

Indiana University

It seems as though every week on OTE (largely because our end of offseason period is filled with team previews and assorted nuttiness), a discussion of the best beers in each of our states/cities/areas/etc crops up, and as the resident Indiana expert, it usually falls to me to drop some knowledge on our behalf. The problem with that is, I know basically nothing of Bloomington's finest alcohol, so it often falls to 87RAS to fill in the gaps in my knowledge for them.

So, that's why I come to you all today. Trying to learn, understand, and comprehend that which is Bloomington's best. Today's Thinker is What is the best beer in Bloomington?

I'm not looking for the best bar in Bloomington (although feel free to debate that as well if you'd like), nor am I looking for the best liquor store (because we all know it's Big Red). I want the beer specifically made in Bloomington that the good folks at the Crimson Quarry think is the best.

I look forward to hearing all your responses, and may have to test some of your suggestions for myself the next time I go back to Bloomington.