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TCQ Welcomes New Writer Kyle Robbins

Born & raised out Bloomington’s backdoor – in the Midwestern cultural hotbed that is Bedford, Indiana. He didn't fall in love with Hoosier sports when he decided to attend the school, he's been stuck with it since birth.

Here's a nondescript picture of a guy dunking a basketball.
Here's a nondescript picture of a guy dunking a basketball.
Jonathan Daniel

We want to welcome TCQ's newest contributor to the site, Kyle Robbins. Here is a little background on Kyle from the man himself. Please join me in welcoming what I think is going to be another very positive step for this site and its content.

Once upon a time, I was on the track to being like a real, legitimate sports media dude. I got all the formal training, the undergraduate courses & lectures from some of the best journo-thinkers in the world at DePauw University. I had my talk show on Mondays & Wednesdays, my local tv show on Tuesdays, while throwing up blog posts & articles in between.  I spent my early Friday evenings in the fall driving to remote parts of west-central Indiana to call high school football games. For the most part, I loved every second. Walking in a packed little bandbox in Cloverdale, Indiana to call a game from a folding table in the upper reaches of the gym – that’s Indiana basketball. Not recruiting rankings, #HOTCREANTAEKS, and stupid arguments about non-conference strength of schedule.

But the sports media world is an extremely terrible place. The hours suck, the pay is worse, and unless you feel like spending a few years banished to the upper reaches of Montana at a local radio station – good luck getting your start in the business. Archaic, homogenized reporters & writers employed by giant media monoliths hire more archaic, homogenized reporters & writers. Getting hired is crapshoot, of which the winning prize is a job getting paid 30K a year to work 50 hours a week in an undesirable location.

I spent some time working with a local radio show & as a freelance college soccer play-by-play guy for a well-known online network for a bit. No thanks.

This isn’t to criticize those in that realm, some of my best friends in the world are great, young, hard-working journalists & media folks. They’re great at what they do. It’s more a personality flaw of my own. In the meantime, I lucked into a gig in the #SPORTSBIZ world on the legal side of things – and I couldn’t have been happier.  I have worked for wonderful, awesome people and been privy to a side of the sports world few have. But, that required me to end my days of media work for obvious reasons. Now, I’m leaving my current gig to further my education and I couldn’t be more excited to dabble in that realm once again – but on my own terms.  I’m grateful to AJ & Matt Brown with SBNation for giving me this platform. To both of you – I’m sorry in advance.

To you all CQ readers, my hope is that I can bring you all something different. Something you can’t get anywhere else.

Let’s have some fun.