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Writers Wanted

The Crimson Quarry is still doing some "hiring". If you're interested in writing about IU basketball, football or any sport in between get at me.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. As you're well aware we've added a couple extra writers over the last few months. With them working out so well, we're looking to add a few more. So, the Crimson Quarry is still officially "hiring". Now you'll see hiring in quotes, because we don't really pay. But we can provide you with the eyes to read your stuff. TCQ gets close to 50,000 unique individuals a month on this site and has the means to gain a lot more with some solid consistent writing that we've seen more of recently.

Better yet, if you're a student and working on a journalism major, I can probably get you some college credit as an intern. That'd be pretty sweet, no? So if you're a student looking for some writing opportunities and school credit, a fan that just has a lot of feelings that the world should know about, or not 87 Rides a Surfboard, apply today. There is no limit to the number of writers we're willing to take on. If you're consistent and capable, we'll hear you out. And then you too can have opportunities to be so shitty on ESPN midnight talk shows that you'll get them cancelled.  Oh and have I mentioned that we're capable of securing press passes?

For those interested, get at me at