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Hoosiers Win 28-10: Post Game and Evening Thread

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Well it wasn't pretty by any means but Indiana won pretty convincingly despite the difference only being 18 points. Indiana state spent a lot of time dropping 8 defenders to avoid giving up huge plays. For the most part it worked. Outside of a 73 yard TD run by Tevin Coleman, the Hoosiers didn't look overly explosive today. Still a win is a win and 250 yards from Tevin Coleman along with 130 yards from DeAngelo Roberts makes this game much more palpable. The defense did their job never really giving up a scoring drive. On both ISU's scores they gained less than 30 yards on the drive.

We'll have a more in depth recap tomorrow, but for now Indiana sits 1-0 with two weeks to prepare for a road trip into the SEC. At the time of this posting every Big Ten team has won, though it looks like Northwestern is going to ruin the flawless weekend for the conference. Still, hang around and check out some of the other games if you will. I'll be checking in here and there as the evening passes.