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Hoosiers vs. Indiana State: Gameday Thread

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally here. The college football season begins today at noon. Our Indiana Hoosiers will be kicking off against Indiana State today on ESPN News. Though it isn't necessarily the prime time spot one would hope for it is an FCS opponent so you take any television spots you can get.

Last year the Hoosiers went absolutely nuts to open the season against the Sycamores by scoring 73 points in a very impressive display of force. Unfortunately they also gave up 35 points, though some of that could be written off to untimely turnovers and special teams errors. Still the Hoosiers need to come out and prove they're different this year on defense. Pitching a shutout is unlikely but keeping the defensive scoring to a minimum will be absolutely key in giving us the next two weeks of game breakdowns and giddiness.

So stick around this early afternoon and join us in the game thread if you aren't going to actually be attending the game. I should be hanging around as well as a couple staffers. If you have something to say, say it. Someone will be around to read it.

Finally, Go Hoosiers!