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The Thursday Thinker

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to what may be the last Thursday Thinker of this offseason. No, I'm not giving up on this set of articles, as they've gotten a very nice response many weeks. However, with #IUFB season right around the corner, I'll probably be coming up with something else to write every week, so this weekly slot may have some different content soon, like previews, reviews, and any number of other potential things.

As I said, however, I will keep coming back to this series, and will probably pick things back up sometime during basketball or possibly after that season has ended as well. Therefore, so I know what you guys and gals will want to talk about the next time I need a Thinker, the (potential) last Thinker of the 2014 offseason is What Thinker topic did you most enjoy?

Any and all feedback is welcome on this, particularly topics you'd like me to cover in the future. If you really enjoyed discussing some things, let me know. If you'd rather we not revisit a topic, tell me why. And if there's something I haven't offered up as a topic yet that you want me to, go ahead and say so now, as I'll be taking all the suggestions on this thread and storing them up for future use.

For what will probably be the last time this offseason, this has been your Thursday Thinker. One more time, the question is: What Thinker topic did you most enjoy? Thanks for all your help, and for contributing to some great discussions.