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Emmitt Holt Commits

Proving that it is literally never too late, the 6'7" power forward out of Vermont Academy has committed to the Hoosiers, with only a couple of months left before the start of the season.

Andy Lyons

From the man, himself:

After Ray Kasongo failed to qualify academically at Indiana University, Crean and co. turned up the full court press on Emmitt Holt, who had reclassified from 2015 to 2014 and has been seen by many as a "late bloomer." AJ had a great write-up of Holt as a basketball player and what he can bring to the Hoosiers, which in a word is: "size."

He is right around 6'7" right now, but with size 18 shoes and a 7'3" wingspan, he's not likely staying at that height, given that he just turned 18 in April. I'm sure Crean and fans across the country are hoping for one more growth spurt, but even without, he gives IU some sorely needed size down in the post. While highlight videos aren't a very good means of analysis, it does show that Holt has a rock solid build with athleticism to spare, and that's usually a pretty good foundation for a basketball player. His video shows some touch on his jumpshot along with surprisingly adequate handles. He can also dunk, in case you didn't know.

With an offense that will likely lean on their backcourt for scoring (and for good reason), Holt should not have to carry a heavy offensive burden in year one. He'll be tasked with the same challenge we've given Hanner Mosequera-Perea: defend the post, stay out of of foul trouble, and snare any shot that misses.

The only truly terrible part about this addition is that his first name isn't Steve. But we'll find a way to cope regardless.