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Possible 2014 Roster Addition Emmitt Holt Finishes Visit Today

We reported on Ray Kasongo being a possible late addition to the 2014 roster and some help in the post. That no longer appears to be an option but Emmitt Holt has risen to replace him in the speculation machine.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoosiers have one final look at adding some help in the 2014 post to bolster front court play behind Devin Davis and Hanner Perea. We talked last week about Ray Kasongo, but at this point IU has moved on from him. It appears his grades aren't going to be up to par for entry into the university. Likely Kasongo will be heading to a lower major or prep school for a year if Michigan State passes on him.

Outside of Kasongo, Emmitt Holt has shown up on the radar as a possible bolster to the 2014 roster. Holt was originally a 2015 recruit that graduated this past spring. He's been tabbed as a late bloomer and felt that his recruitment would benefit from a year at prep school. However, Indiana has been intrigued by his abilities over multiple viewings of the kid. Standing anywhere from 6'6" to 6'8" (the whole spectrum has been reported) depending on the facts of his height he could provide quite a bit of help down low. Many suggest that he may still be physically maturing citing his 7'3" wingspan and size 18 shoes some think that he could still add some height in the next year or two. Of course if IU and IU fans have anything to do with it he'll be measuring at 7 ft. come conference season. Remember we called Noah Vonleh 6'10" all last year when he measure just over 6'8" at the combine. We tend to exaggerate height.

That being said, Holt does have some pretty impressive games statistically under his belt against strong competition. But a lot has been said by a lot of people and the standard line that is coming from all the talking heads is that Holt isn't flashy, but will get the work done. He's not quite the certainty that I feel many thought Kasongo would be, but he's a guy that has a natural propensity for rebounding the ball and blocking shots.

Holt has been on campus since early yesterday and will finish up his visit today. More than likely we'll know very soon what Holt is going to do. Check out the video embedded below for some highlights from his senior season. You'll see that he blocks a good number of shots and his EYBL summer stats backed that up as he finished 5th overall in blocked shots.