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The Thursday Thinker

Mirco Lazzari gp

By the time you read this, I'll likely be at or on the way to GenCon, a proud Indiana tradition for the last decade. Which got me to thinking "What other proud Indiana traditions do people enjoy that may not be commonly known to all? And how can I use that to churn out a column?"

So here we are. A lot of different things mean "Indiana" to people. Consider this the CQ version of "It's Indiana. It's Indiana." What does Indiana mean to you, and more relevantly, this week's Thinker, which is What's the most Indiana thing you've ever done?

And just so we don't exclude any of our frequent non-IU readers, for this week's question, you can interpret "Indiana thing" as the state, not just Indiana University. Because there are Indiana things, and then there are Indiana U. things. For instance, the most IU thing probably involves a story about basketball, Kirkwood, beating a rival, drinking, or some combination of all of those (12/10/11 #NeverForget). Whereas the most Indiana thing probably involves pork tenderloin, sugar cream pie, basketball, or any number of other things I've neglected to mention.

And if you can combine all of those things in the same story, AJ will probably offer you a writing job. (This may or may not be a reward, depending on your worldview.) Regardless, the Thinker has been teed up for you, so let's see how outlandish of a story you can give us.

(If there are parts of your story that may name or implicate some folks in questionably legal activities, feel encouraged to not use their actual names, because I'm claiming no legal responsibility for what you choose to share with us. Other than that, go nuts.)