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Introducing Neil Johnson as TCQ's Conference Writer

The Crimson Quarry continues to expand staff and that means bringing in someone from enemy territory this time. Join me in welcoming Neil to the fold.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Another morning, another writing addition to our growing community. If you thought Kyle stirred up trouble in his first post as a new writer, you should be prepared to hear some things you don't like from this one. Why? Because he's an Ohio State fan. That's right, The Crimson Quarry is going multicultural.

Neil is an avid college basketball fan and our new Big Ten conference writer. He's been following the Big Ten pretty extensively and was looking for an avenue to write about the conference in his spare time. Once again we're bringing on a guy that is a stat head at heart. If you haven't learned yet through reading this site, I'll put it plainly now. You're going to get numbers thrown in your face quicker than you can probably process what they mean.

Neil's going to be covering everything Big Ten for us. Whether it is Ohio State's foreign trips, Michigan State's newest recruiting class or telling us how the business end of the conference athletics is going to affect not just Indiana, but the conference and scholarship athletes as a whole. So everyone please join me in welcoming Neil onto the staff and play nice.