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July's Biggest Mover in 2015: Donovan Mitchell Starts Official Visits

The Hoosiers got in on Donovan Mitchell earlier this spring as the top 100 guard started to play non-scholastic ball. Now he's fighting his way into elite status.

Donovan Mitchell has been getting a lot of comparisons to Dwyane Wade this July. The strong 6-3 guard out of New York missed last summer with a broken wrist and so was a bit of a mystery coming into this summer. Don't get me wrong, he still sat around 100 in the rankings, but he proved this July that 100 is way too low. Thanks to Chuck Martin, Indiana is a player in his recruitment.

About a week after the hiring of Martin, the Hoosiers were suddenly a player in the lesser known guard out of Westchester. Mitchell was a guy that intrigued a lot of the regional schools and if he were from Indiana would have seemed like a dead ringer for a Butler recruit. He was thought of highly, but as a smaller shooting guard was considered to perhaps lack the physical tools to play high major ball.

Since the spring he has taken every opportunity to prove the skeptics wrong. Showing an ability to bulldog his way to the rim against elite prospects some national ears perked up. He was just a scorer either. He showed a strong willingness to not only defend, but lock down his man. Add in his ability to battle for rebounds despite his size and he's going to climb and climb fast in the rankings.

This past week, Mitchell trimmed his list down to 10 schools. He listed Providence, Creighton, Florida State, Indiana, Georgetown, Villanova, Louisville, Kansas, Boston College and North Carolina. Among those ten he has already set official visit dates to Villanova and Louisville. He also stated that he's going to be coming to Indiana for an official some time in August.

That's a pretty big deal for the Hoosiers. Of the national programs that are now pursuing Mitchell, Indiana was one of the quickest on his recruitment. Now they're going to be getting him on campus. As we all know it doesn't count as a real recruitment until the kid hits campus. Now that the Hoosiers have him coming by, the pursuit is real. He'll be showing up just as the campus starts buzzing with the new school year, so hopefully the students can give him a show. With Welcome Week starting August 25th, if the Hoosiers can get him to hold his visit until then, he's going to see some of the best that Bloomington has to offer.

Until then, you just have to hope that he gets through his Louisville visit on the 7th without pulling the trigger. The Cardinals have been hot in recruiting since bringing on Kenny Johnson and they have about 4 premiere guard recruits they're in on with only one spot left. The pressure will be high for him to pull the trigger quickly. If he does survive the trip and get to Bloomington though, the chances of Donovan Mitchell being a Hoosier jump considerably.