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Hoosiers Still Updating 2014 Roster: Add Transfer Nick Zeisloft


Over the last two weeks we have seen Indiana continue to update its roster for the 2014 season. First, Peter Jurkin (unsuprisingly) elected to try and battle his health issues elsewhere. Now, the Hoosiers have filled that spot with Illinois State transfer Nick Zeisloft. A 6'4" SG from LaGrange, IL, Zeisloft is expected to add some leadership qualities to a roster that was greatly missing them last season.

Zeisloft graduated in three years from Illinois State and redshirted his freshman year, so he is eligible to play immediately and has a remaining two years of eligibility. Nick will bring some quality outside shooting to the roster as well. It's become quite obvious that Tom Crean believes Indiana's shooting woes last year was a major contributor to their disappointing season. Zeisloft is the 6th recruit for this 2014 class and every last one of them is best known for their ability to shoot the basketball.

I know many here are concerned about the height issues we're going to have this coming year and a SG isn't going to fix it, but Zeisloft does know how to defend guys much larger than him. He battled in the back line of Illinois State's 2-3 zone most of the year and tangled with some of the best big men 4s the Missouri Valley could offer. Now I know that isn't saying a ton, but the fact is he has experience in being over matched.

Offensively, he's likely to take a back seat role in the scoring. He can certainly catch and shoot, which will be a much appreciated ability over time, but the most important thing is he can take care of the basketball. Playing 25 minutes a game last year in a 4 guard lineup, Nick only turned the ball over 20 times. That's a big deal for a team that did that damn near every game last year.

Ultimately, the Hoosiers need to replace a post-practice workhorse in Will Sheehey. There's a lot of potential for Zeisloft to come in right away and lead if not necessarily from the starting lineup then at least from the bench and practice court. These Hoosiers need some guidance from the player side of things. It appears that the former Illinois State team captain will be able to offer just that.