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The Thursday Thinker

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you know, I also write for another SBNation site called Off Tackle Empire. It's Ohio State preview week over there, and during the course of putting together a group article, these questions were raised by one of the other writers about Ohio State coach Urban Meyer:

Would you trade your coach for Urban? Moreover, what schools do you think wouldn't trade for Urban?

By the time this article goes up, the article that the above questions were part of will be up on OTE, so if you want to see what I said for this question, go check over there. They'll appreciate the page views. Anyway, I figured that a question similar to that might be interesting for you all as well, and since the coaches just spoke in the last couple of days at the annual Big Ten meetings, it seemed relatively timely as well.

So, this week's Thinker (a two-parter) is: Would you want Urban Meyer to coach at Indiana? If so, would you want him to replace Kevin Wilson right now?

The first part of the question is simply asking if you think Urban Meyer would ever be a good fit as the head coach of IU Football. The second part specifically wants to know if you would rather have Urban Meyer as coach right now (or as soon as feasibly possible). Note that you can have whatever opinion you'd like on this, but negative responses will get forwarded to Coach Wilson with your name attached, so be wise what you say. (Disclaimer: I'm not sure I'm legally allowed to do that, but you never know who sees these articles.)

So, Urban Meyer. Successful coach, but the future of IU? What do you think, folks?