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Curt Miller Resigns Suddenly at Indiana

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana athletics took another big hit to their program on Thursday. Hoosiers women's coach Curt Miller handed in his resignation citing health and family reasons. Miller was hired on at Indiana University in 2012 and given a six year deal. He seemed to be the perfect guy for the job. He knew Indiana well, he listed them as a "dream job" in his contract out with Bowling Green in 2005 and the man could coach basketball. In two years, he took a flailing Indiana program to respectable with an incredibly bright future ahead. Now that future is in question.

Miller brought in a very strong class of recruits for 2014 to try and follow up a strong NIT run in 2013. It will be interesting to see what the Hoosiers can do to find a replacement. The key most likely to keeping Indiana on the right track despite this major incident is to keep these last two recruiting classes together. The horses are there to make some noise in the Big Ten, but without Miller at the helm it could be open season for picking some of these players off.

For now assistant head coach Curtis Lloyd will take over as interim during the searching process for Miller's replacement. It will be his responsibility to protect what his colleague has started to build. Let's hope he is up to the task. The program is in a place of strength that could woo some strong candidates, but it's just as capable of falling back to the depths it originated with the wrong hire. At this point it is "In Fred Glass We Trust."