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The Thursday Thinker

I recently started reading Rising from the Ashes, Terry Hutchens' book about the revival of Indiana basketball post Sampson, which was enough inspiration for me to ask today's Thinker and see what I may want to read next if I haven't read them already.

This week's Thursday Thinker: What is your favorite book about IU Athletics?

There have been quite a few books written about some aspect of Indiana sports, though obviously most have focused on the basketball team. Of course, you might like a book that hasn't yet achieved mainstream popularity, and that's just fine. You can also say "Season on the Brink", and that's cool too, but if that's the only book about IU you've read, you're missing out. If you haven't read any books about IU, well, see what everyone else says and use that as a list to figure out what you should read first. Not terribly difficult, but something interesting to do to make use of the remaining time until football/soccer season.

Once more, What is your favorite book about IU Athletics? I hope this fosters some good literary discussion (or, failing that, discussion about some interesting topic that I haven't thought of), and I can't wait to see what I should be reading next.