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The Thursday Thinker

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

I know, it's kinda early to think about basketball season, but you can't honestly tell me you aren't just a little curious about this. With the excitement of new recruits, the hoping that Hanner is ready to be the guy at center, and wondering whether a 5 guard lineup is feasible, men's basketball is yearning for some attention right now. So let's give them a little bit. (Also, I'm trying not to exhaust the things we can talk about related to football before the season starts.)

The thinking behind this question should be pretty easy to understand, as it's a discussion that won't truly end until we actually get to basketball season. Your Thursday Thinker is: Who starts for the Hoosiers in 2014-15?

It should be the simplest question, and yet when I mentioned the possibility of running a five guard lineup a bit ago, you cringed because it could totally happen, right? With this team as currently constituted, I wouldn't be surprised if at least once or twice during the non-con schedule, we didn't run a forward or center out there at all. Hopefully, such things end by the start of the conference schedule, but we don't know just yet.

And now that I've probably freaked you out more than any of us should be right now, I'm gonna turn it over to you, and let the wild lineups roll in. Who starts for the Hoosiers in 2014-15?