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Stat's all, folks!

A quick thank you for the many conversations these last three years!


As you might guess from the headline, due to personal and professional demands on my time (all good things), I've handed in my "retirement" notice to AJ. Unfortunately, readers have probably seen my output and reaction time slack off this past year, and I can't continue to ask AJ and the other excellent writers (Ben R., CandystripesforBreakfast, KickSewly, Lloyd, as well as Austan K. and Cal M.) on this site to depend on contributions that I likely won't be able provide in the coming year. There's no lack of stories and questions that I'd really like to write about (How does IU Soccer bounce back from a disappointing season? Is it likely that IU gets to a bowl game this fall? When was the last time a basketball squad so guard-dependent was very, very successful in the Big Ten, or nationally?), that I'm genuinely disappointed to put aside. But this is mostly just a thank you note to AJ for captaining such a great site, a big thank you to the Pope Emeritus John M. for bringing me aboard three years ago, and a special thanks to the current "Cream of the Crimson Commentariat" (Hoosierdaddynow, EMH, nothsa, 87ridesasurfboard, Red Ramaker, thunderpup12, PocketHoosier, and so many others) as well as the ones we don't see around as much anymore (notably LoneStarHoosier). You made writing on this site a lot of fun with your informed opinions, clever wits, and interesting questions.

I'm hoping I can still throw up the occasional comment or fanpost, so I'll be seeing you here and there. Until then, cheers, and Go Hoosiers!