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The Thursday Thinker

Since these articles get tweeted out every week, I'd like to think that at least some important IU personality may be reading them (either through the Quarry's official Twitter [@crimsonquarry] or mine [@ericostby]). I know other articles of mine have drawn the attention of such luminaries as @FakeCoachWilson (guess who that is) and @O_B_Spittoon (a lovely account dedicated to the Old Brass Spittoon). There are also plenty of other awesome IU folks on Twitter, such as all of the media folks who cover IU for a living, the ever popular Chronic Hoosier, and of course the official account of IU Athletics @OurIndiana.

So, with all of that ground covered, I've got a very simple question for you: which one's your favorite? To make that a bit more formal, today's Thinker is: Which IU Twitter personality is your favorite? I won't be sad if you don't say The Crimson Quarry or me personally (OK maybe a little, but mostly if you don't say me), but if you don't really want to say one of us, that's OK. There's a wide array of people you can tangentially link to this question; all I ask is that if you have a Twitter account, please don't pick yourself, because that's basically cheating. If you would like to add your Twitter handle at the end of your response, that is encouraged, and might get you a few additional followers.

And if you don't have Twitter but still want to participate, feel free to wax poetic about your favorite IU personality, regardless of whether they are on Twitter or not. Alternately, consider getting on Twitter, because awesome things are happening on Twitter right now, you just have to go find them.

So, let me know: Which IU Twitter personality is your favorite? And after you've done so, maybe tweet this article to them and see what happens.