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Noah Vonleh Drafted by Charlotte Hornets in NBA Draft

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The most recent Indiana Hoosier to have professional aspirations just went to Charlotte in the NBA Draft. Noah Vonleh, the freshman sensation out of Indiana, didn't go quite as high as many of us were expecting him to go, but ultimately ended up being the 3rd Hoosier in two years to be drafted as an NBA lottery pick.

Following in the footsteps of Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo, Vonleh impressed a lot of NBA scouts and franchises with his workouts leading up to the draft. Probably most impressive were his measurables. Standing at only 6'9" he proved to still have a 7'4" wingspan. Which is massive. Despite a lack of explosiveness and athleticism he makes up for it with a wide base that should help him battle down low and grab rebounds in the bigs.

Add in Vonleh's shooting abilities and a lot of teams will likely be using Vonleh completely different than how the Hoosiers did in college. Pairing him up with a legitimate 5 in the NBA could do an absolute ton for Noah. In college he was forced to play more 15 feet and in but he'll add value with a game out to the three point line as a pro. Add in his ball handling ability and he can provide some attacking ability from a very large man.

The biggest concern for Noah and the reason that he perhaps fell below the top 6 or so he was projected to go is his aggression and ball possession. He's shown a tendency in college to pass up opportunities that he should have taken advantage of. At the same time, he was very turnover prone. Given a quality team and program he could thrive. With Cody Zeller already being on Charlotte's roster, I'm guessing that this would be a draft and trade situation. If not, holy hell that's awesome that Zeller and Vonleh could play next to each other. Charlotte has said they're going to be keeping Vonleh. Meaning IU is going to have two former players playing together next year. Will be interesting with Al Jefferson on the roster to see how these two are used together.