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The Thursday Thinker

By Yahala (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

I had thought that I might try and make this week's Thinker baseball related, but it's still probably too soon after Tracy Smith leaving for us to debate who IU should try to get to replace him (if you really want to, go ahead and do it anyway). So, to bring us somewhat out of the depression of losing him to Arizona State, I audibled to something more positive that should get a better reaction anyway.

This week's Thursday Thinker is: What one thing do you love most about Bloomington, Indiana?

See? Happy, plenty of room for debate, and there are no bad answers (he says, crossing his fingers). Plus, it's always fun to reminisce about college days, and even if you aren't an Indiana alum, feel free to reminisce anyway. I'll accept any response to the question that you can tangentially connect back to what I'm asking, so there's lots of room for answering. No limits here, no places barred, no experiences denied, and all I ask is that you keep any stories safe for work. Other than that, pick whatever you'd like.

That Thinker one more time: What one thing do you love most about Bloomington, Indiana? Take it away, Hoosiers.