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Indiana Lands Brandon Knight: Now Has Commitments from Four Indiana Kids

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to let Lloyd do the heavy lifting on telling all about Brandon Knight and what he brings to the table. But it should be stated that after landing the Noblesville native and Purdue legacy, Indiana appears to be a real role with not just recruiting but recruiting the state of Indiana. The Hoosiers now have four commitments from in-state talent and that is more than anyone else in the state so far.

Traditionally, the Hoosiers have been fighting tooth and nail for Indiana recruits and more often than not ending up with the short end of the stick. However, with the commitment of Knight, there are now 10 Indiana players in the top 20 in the state, committed to playing for a college program. Indiana leads the pack with commitments from 40% of that list. Notre Dame has 2 players (albeit 2 of the better ones), Michigan, Illinois, Purdue and Virginia Tech have one apiece.

Coach Wilson and company have really started locking down Indiana and turning its football community crimson. With the combined efforts of some committed Hoosiers, I wouldn't be surprised to see this state turn really red in the 2015 class. Looking at the top 20 players in the state, there are only 10 left to run out and get (making the awful assumption that no one flips). Between the four guys sitting in IU's camp already, there's going to be a lot of pressure on those 10 outside of just coaching staff to look very favorably towards Indiana.

247's Crystal Ball predictions have IU as the favorites in 4 of the 10 remaining players. That being said, the Hoosiers aren't likely to land all four of them. It is however, still a long summer and recruiting has its ebbs and flows. Right now, Indiana is in a high tide position. As they continue to battle throughout the summer watch for guys to pull the trigger in rapid succession. Not just here in Indiana but out of state as well. Kevin Wilson and company have been working the states of Georgia, Florida and Ohio very hard and will likely pull some very talented players from there as well.

This 2015 class isn't likely to be huge, but we're 7 players deep with an average star ranking at 3 stars. If Indiana can keep pulling this steady stream of talent in from the state and surrounding regions, the team will have no choice to get better on the field. We still need to see proof on the gridiron this season, but the Hoosiers are well on their way to competing in the top half of the conference on the recruiting trail.